6.–8.9 2018


An international festival of performance art and a public discussion at Fylkingen in Stockholm on 6–8 September 2018.
The project invites artists and theorists from African and Nordic countries to use performance as a means to deconstruct knowledge and examine the power relations of today.

Can performative artistic processes challenge the dominating historical narratives? If the fixed history of the west used to be the reference to revisit and remember the past, now it is crucial to bring performance to the forefront of meaning making.

Participating artists:
Christian Etongo (Cameroon), Anthea Moys (South Africa), Serge Olivier Fokoua (Cameroon/Canada), Diana Soria Hernandez (Finland/Mexico), Gøril Wallin (Norway), Gitte Sætre (Norway), Nathalie Mba Bikoro (Gabon/Germany), Valeria Montti Colque (Sweden) and workshop participants.


Thursday 6 September: 19.00 Panel discussion: End Point For Beginners

Guest speakers: -Abir Boukhari -Macarena Dusant -Serge Olivier Fokoua -Elena Agudio
Moderator: Márcio Carvalho
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Friday 7 September: 19.00–24.00 performance programme

19.00 Nathalie Anguezomo Mba Bikoro - A History On Lateness (A Kosmos Dictionary on Swedish Emotion)
20.10 Christian Etongo - What’s Love? (3) / Performances series
21.10 Göril Wallin - The stone contains the story: part I
22.30 Collective performance. Workshop An archive of my own/ Performing History led by artist Shiva Anoushirvani
Angelica Falkeling, Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole, Elena Victoria Pastor Suarez, Jakob Niedziela, Karolina Oxelväg, Louise Blad, Luanda Carneiro Jacoel, Mariusz Mateusz Andrzejczyk & Gabriella Novak, Rebecka Pershagen, Sara Sheikhi, Tanja Andersson
23.15 Diana Soria Hernandez

Saturday 8 September: 19.00–24.00 performance programme

19.00 Valeria Montti Colque - Molnskogen. With: David Heikkinen: live- electronics, Ida Lod voice/violin, Safiye Bahadir performance/song, Carlos Martinez performance/dance, Edwin Nordlund performance, Andres Arango Lopez performance, thanks to: Silvana Olivares, Jorge Montti who helped with the costumes
19.45 Serge Olivier Fokoua - Save our soul
20.30 Performance landscape, individual works by:

Tanja Andersson - Duodji - or the act of core carving
Luanda Carneiro Jacoel - Kalunga entities
Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole - HWBKTMFIITPI
Jakob Niedziela - Contra
Rebecka Pershagen
- Your responsibility as a woman
Angelica Falkeling - Elastic Seam
Mariusz Mateusz Andrzejczyk & Gabriella Novak - Personal space
Elena Victoria Pastor Suarez - Borders

22.15 Anthea Moys - Just Follow These Instructions And You Will Be Fine (on the night) -*
23.00 Gitte Saetre - Green Hijab Movement

free entrance

The festival is preceded by a two-day workshopAn archive of my own/ Performing Historyled by artist Shiva Anoushirvani.

The project is funded by Kulturkontakt Nord, Nordisk Kulturfond, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Statens Kulturråd Sverige, Billedkunstnernes vederlagsfond, Bergen Kommune, Norsk Kulturråd. Supported by Umeå Academy of Fine Arts.


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HISTORY WILL BE KIND TO ME, FOR I INTEND TO PERFORM IT @ PALS is organised by Performance Art Links (PALS) in collaboration with New Performance Turku Festival, Performance Art Bergen and RAVY Biennial, initiated by the artists and curators Márcio Carvalho, Leena Kela and Serge Olivier Fokoua. PALS is run by artists Hiroko Tsuchimoto, Denis Romanovski, Lovisa Johansson, Erik Wijkström and Alice Máselníková.

HISTORY WILL BE KIND TO ME, FOR I INTEND TO PERFORM IT @ PALS at Fylkingen,Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2, Stockholm on 6–8 September 2018.
Free admission!