Julian Assange


I understand "Performance Art" as the tool of "The Eternal Performers" who have been with us since the human kind became organized in the tribal societies.

The Artist -“The Eternal Performer” has been working in media of his/her historical period and is always the indicator of the presence of any ethical decay within a society.

The Artist - “The Eternal Performer” has been constantly fighting everlasting stupidity of any people's formations and their social systems.

The Artist - “The Eternal Performer” has been from the outset of  tribal times, using the artistic and therefore the most communicable tools, he or she has always woken up the given community and has warned it about the danger of the power deviation created by some of the members of that community.

“Eternal Performers” must without rest rebel, disturb the peace, insult, scandalize, disgust, upset and make society uncertain and not to be afraid to serve society its own shit on white china plates.
If nowadays entire armies of “Eternal Performers” do not wake up, we will not be able to prevent the future global catastrophe which the whole civilization is heading towards, dictated by a blind and greedy arrogant capitalist society.
And future generations of our children living on our spatially-limited little sphere in the universe will be cursing us while wrestling with extreme ecological conditions.  — conditions which they will inherit, caused by our endless gluttony.
Rightfully they will be asking: “Where were those past ‘Eternal Performers’”?

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