The Act of Isis

background sound: DJ Deus Ex Machina

Manifestation of the state of the world through female body. Woman is the medium, her body is a projection screen that the viewer can have taste. Performance have edible parts. Information passes through the stomach.

AKT V122 AKT V124

Darina Alster  (1979) is visual artist, performer, publisher, curator and pedagog. She lives and works in Prague. She is mostly working with performance, spoken word, sound and video. Main topics of her artistic interest are time, rituality, religions, personal or national identity and relation ships. In her performances, she exceeds  borders of known reality , interupting  real situations with unknown and iracional things, then they will become the subconscious.  She is mostly experimenting  with new media,  combine them with archaic medias, as a  Astrology, Tarot, Mythology, Fairytales or other kinds of Archetypes. Her known projects are: Treasure, Piet, Personal Tarot, Naked Lunch, Bianca Braselli, Fembot, Thelematrix, Videoautomat, Memorial to victims of Capitalism, Imago Dei, Videoaltar, Dark Madona, Modern forms of invocating reality.