Nykkjen Belar te Heiemo: The Bale of Charm


My work is a journey into the mythological world.  Seduced by Jung and his protégés, I have begun to understand this type of expedition as an allegory of psychological exploration.  I am lead by mythological characters and motifs, such as the Phoenix, Nøkken, the Moon, or the Unicorn.  I hunt down the earliest references to these beings in literature, folk tales and music, keeping alert for their appearance in contemporary society (i.e., in my own experience).  I see it as being of great significance when and where these figures appear.  I wish to capture these moments in writing, and through performance explore their archetypal nature.
Eleanor Clare (b.1978, Guildford) lives and works in Bergen, Norway. She received an MA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martin’s, London (2011). Recent exhibitions include Performance Art Nå #1, Stiftelsen 3,14, Bergen; Fama-Fame, ASC Gallery, London and GHostings IV, The Platform Theatre, London. Recent publications include NEVERODDOREVEN, Büro Für Problem/Deuxpiece;  June Twenty-First, Apis Press; Unholy Passage, Grafter’s Quarterly and Approaching Materials, FeltActs.