In 1966 this human body was born, it was given the name Gustaf Broms. This concept now exists in a place called Sweden. To use the time in this
predicament as a way to explore the nature of consciousness.
Using this body, moving through time and space, as a tool for exploring an idea of language.Trying to make a translation of the flow of life, into a condensed symbol, as a way for understanding and communication.
Spending the last few years looking into the dualistic concept of “I”, in terms of association with the idea of BEING NATURE, as the actual
biological reality this body goes through, and BEING MIND, as a very direct intellectual experience of “REALITY”.
Since 2009 I live in the forest of Vendel and work on a series of “aktions - movements” that looks at ideas of identification with “border of skin” and
“identification with species”, and always question an anthropocentric perspective ?
gb 2015

Broms Gustaf performance2015