Artist, Performer, curator  “Navinki” international independent performance-art festival, 1999-2014 in Minsk Belarus.


Performance is a quest for one’s path in life, and is the only relevant art‑form capable of reacting adequately to the challenges of the rapidly‑changing world without adjusting itself to anyone’s demands. Performance is art in a process of constant flux. I like its variability, fragility and depth, which are conducive to mutual understanding and the unification of human feelings and emotions. It can take them to a higher level, and allows one to forget one’s own importance, reputation, merits and achievements. In performance, you are entirely responsible for everything you show the audience. Most importantly, you experience it in a common active space. You are in a situation. You see eyes; you hear yourself and others breathing. Performance unifies. Personal experience. What could be more important than us being together, united as a whole? It gives rise to thoughts about the integrity and unity of all that is alive on the planet, for that is how things really are. But are we still united as we leave the hall at the end of the festival? I think so. Belief in divine values gives us that chance. In performance, like in real life, one goes from the dark into the light, and it is a long journey, one as long as life itself.

Image credit: Victor Peetrov performance on Navinki 2011, Minsk, Belarus.