As a visual artist and contemporary woman, I engage in explorations to better understand the dynamics of male powers, particularly ones established in “macho” cultures. As a result of those explorations, I seek to better understand the abilities of a woman’s power, or her actions, to overcome pervasive sociological and physical male dominance.

The so-called fragility of the woman’s body is always seen as disadvantageous when pitted against the strength of a mans body and this perception causes both genders to reformulate perspectives on their own physical selves. These changes in physical and social behavior are strictly in response to this altered perspective, and not driven by the simple hormonal differences that exist between us. Other external influences that contribute to this altered perspective are upbringing and education, which both also subscribe to the notion of the “weaker sex”.

Encounters between men and women with these lifelong influences and a constant reaffirmation of the above described perspective, is the locale where my work takes place. These encounters hold a valuable discourse in which the artist’s and audience’s bodies become equally vulnerable, and a different dynamic is exposed.

Alejandra Beatriz Herrera Silva has been an active organizer, artist and teacher in the field of performance for more than a decade and has exhibited her work extensively all over the world. Originally from Santiago, Chile, she was a founding member of the PerfoPuerto arts organization which was responsible for presenting the works of over 100 regional, national and international artists at varied locations throughout South America. She currently resides in Los Angeles, USA and continues to actively organize exhibits and perform her own solo works.

“Túnel carpiano” 2006, 2 hours, Exchange places performance art event, Black Box Gallery, Belfast, North Ireland.
“Intolerante al genero” 2006, 2 hours, Depicting action exhibition, 18 Street Art Complex, Los Angeles, California, USA.
“Sagrade and profane“, 2011, 10 min,  Free Clinic, # 2, Action Bureau, Human Resourses, Cottage Galllery, Chinatown, LA, USA
“O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave”, 2011, 3 hours, “3X6X3#3 performance art exhibition, LACE Gallery, LA, USA.
"Woman's challenge" 2012, 3 hours, Organized by FADO, Merced Union Art Gallery. Toronto, Canada.
"Domestic labor" 2013, 2 hours, Trouble Festival, Brussels, Belgic.

Image credit: "Domestic labor" 2013, 2 hours, Trouble Festival, Brussels, Belgic. Photo by Hichem Dahes