Two walks. Company: Dersu, Madam Thévenot and Eli – the old man. Packing: a map, a baguette and a shopping chart.


Elin Wikström will arrange two walks examining the area around Slussen from two different perspectives. The first, at 3 pm on April 26, has discriminatory inaccessibility as a theme and will be led by Kerstin Alksten, a consultant in city planning who works for making outdoor environments more accessible for groups with various disabilities. The second, at 3 pm on April 27 will visit a selection of remote spaces in more difficult terrain, which a pensioner, Conny Linder from Söder has mapped, documented and published on the Internet.

The aim with the walks is to explore the surroundings; how are the spaces visited perceived by the participants? What is a good outdoor environment, generally and from the aspect of accessibility? How are they designed, by whom and for whom? Both walks will include various performative elements and take approximately one and a half hour each. In addition to the festival audience and artists participating in PALS 2014 representatives from organisations for persons with functional limitations and the fields of architecture and urban planning has been invited to the walks.

Please note that the gatherings at 3 o'clock will take place at the elevator located outside, in front of the Stockholm City Museum, at Ryssgården, Södermalms torg. Mobility service can drive to Peter Myndes Backe 3.

The title refers to three films with a strong focus on walking in the plot; Dersu Uzala (Kurosawa, 1975), The discrete charm of the bourgeoisie (Bunuel, 1972) and The Road (Hillcoat, after Cormac Mc Carthys book with the same title 2009).

Elin Wikström inbjudan

Elin Wikström invitation


Elin Wikström’s art practice deals with being subjected to a “constructed situation” and has the format of interactions with various audiences and interventions in different spaces and contexts. Her works can go on for an hour, a day, a week, a month or several years and the work process is often participatory-driven. Working in this format is an attempt to question norms, values and logics for how one speaks, thinks and acts and to trigger reflections on current social, political, environmental and cultural issues. The reasons behind developing such methods have been to try representing individuals and groups as active subjects able to critically question and change their understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Wikström has recently made projects for: Contexts, Paris, France, Göteborgs Konsthall, Göteborg, Sweden, Center for Contemporary Arts, Tbilisi, Georgia, Emscherkust 2013, Essen, Germany (


CREDITS, IMAGE: New Grand Tour, Emscherkunst 2013, Germany photo: Elin Wikström

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