Julischka Stengele is a German multidisciplinary artist with a focus on performative practices. The investigation of the relation between a specific body and its specific environment is central in her work. She studied visual communication, photography, fine arts, cultural studies, performance and other body-based practices in Berlin, Vienna and Helsinki. This and her experiences as a chef, a globetrotter, a sex worker, a decade of being a life model contribute to what she brings onto paper, into a gallery, the public space, in front of the lens, on stage, into her classes or into interpersonal relationships. Her work has been presented across Europe, in Asia and the Americas, since 2007. Currently, Julischka is based in Vienna and works at any place of interest.


Photo: Carly Gaebe



Pain Norr logo svart

- in collaboration with PAiN (Performance Art in Norrbotten) as part of the project 'Between body and place'