I was born 1988 in Kontiolahti, East-Finland. I study and work in helsinki.
I currently work with mainly performance and moving image. These two mediums are sometimes combined and work together as counterparts and as collaborators, transmitting reflections and representations. My works are experimental and often involve materials and mediums, i.e. programming or film, that are previously unknown to me. In my works there is a strong sense of something happening beyond the surface. I am very much interested in subconcious intentions in our lives and how its effect may be seen in our actions and in our cultur. Performance, as a art-medium is something freely accessible for all free individuals and thereby its also a democratic art-form. This is important for me as I believe with Joseph Beyus that everyone in fact, is an artist. This way my personal art-works reach larger communal aspect, as indication of freedom we all already possess. We all have one body, one vote, our own intellect wrapped in our every cell and muscle. Using it for transmitting an idea is using a language which is more free than any other language.

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Art School Maa, Finland