Henrik Koppen is a performance artist based in Bergen, Norway where he is currently studying at the Bergen National Academy of Art and Design.

Henrik Koppen is often working with performance in relation to others mediums, as music, sound, sculpture, installation and video. He works in several collaborations with musicians and other artists in projects such as HITYAMAC, The Jist and Koppen/Jorkjen.

Thematically he works with the term "control" from different starting points. He explores the idea that human kind is constantly in a battle between order and chaos. We are longing for order, this is something we gain through taking control. Koppen also find it interesting to work with control in a cultural and political context, to investigate power structures and power balances, (this can exemplified in the performer/audience situation). He is also investigating how people are working hard to keep up a facade, and trying to control the image other people have of them.