With simple-hand technology and a curiosity for the moment bodies start to perform, I silently challenge the environment with my dancing body. Framing actions and thoughts simultaneously witnessed from several perspectives.

Kajsa Sandström works professionally with dance and choreography since 2004, when she graduated from PARTS, Brussels (2000-04). Her explorations of the relationship between image and movement in the meeting between dancer and audience, resulted in the solo performances; These Images Are Written On My Body, 2013, In the Mirror- A solo choreography in the footsteps of Maya Deren, 2010 and I need a witness to perform, 2009. Spring 2014 Kajsa dance with Weld Company (se), develops a collaborative project within CORNERS of Europe and studies video at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. www.kajsasandstrom.se

kajsa sandström

Video still: Kajsa Sandström 2013