FFWS performance program 13 February 2013, Fylkingen


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Program starts at 19.00 (free entrance).

  • Dorinel Marc
  • Tomasz Szrama
  • Sofia Breimo
  • Dror Feiler
  • Nongkran Panmongkol
  • Baaba Jakeh
  • Hyun -Joo Min
  • Willem Wilhelmus
  • Hiroko Tsuchimoto


Dorinel Marc

Since 2010 I appear wearing burqa.

Invandrare är bra. Varje svensk bör ha en
Immigrants are Good. Every Swedish should own One

Duration: 20min

Tomasz Szrama

The bottom of boredom

Duration: 20–25 minutes

Where is the bottom of the boredom of our era?

Sofia Breimo

Peppar, peppar, ta i trä (Knock on wood)

Duration: 10-15 min

The central question is basically whether it'll be a win or a lose. Good luck.

Dror Feiler

Dror Feilers entire artistic and political stance is characterized by an "aesthetic of resistance"; an activist approach with a transboundary focus. Dror Feiler uses his freedoms and his rights as tools to make them applicable to everyone.

No Fun 10

Duration: 20minutes

Nongkran Panmongkol

I want to be a happy Swedish citizen

Duration: 10-15 minutes

Baaba Jakeh

DNA- + (Negative)

Duration: 20 minutes

Hyun -Joo Min

Chicken Goulash

Duration: about 15 min

The center of the performance is the preparation of a chicken soup. But the chicken will be prepared in an unusual way. It is a sort of ritual that addresses all sorts of emotions that come with the preparation of the dead animal and the ceremony of preparing food.

Willem Wilhelmus

I make holes in the time.

I once met a mad poet who was shouting around, addressing nobody in particular:

Put a Finger between the Time!

I understood immediately, but it took me some twenty years to take it serious in all consequence and concentrate on just that: making holes in the time.

No title

Duration: 20 min

Hiroko Tsuchimoto

Till The Well Runs Dry

Duration: 15 min

Three drops of blood, a black animal, some vodka or tobacco. If dropped into the water, you will be taught his magical secret.